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Height Safety Swing Jibs

T Allen Engineering Services can survey a site, design a solution then install and test your new height safety swing jib for fall arrest and rescue or full work positioning (man riding); providing a truly turnkey solution.

These specialist swing jibs are designed and manufactured in house, to suit the customer requirements and specifications.

T Allen have many years of technical knowledge and experience with fall arrest and work positioning (man-riding) equipment.

Our engineers are trained and competent to fully install, test, and certify the height safety fall arrest / rescue / man-riding swing jibs to BS EN 795.

Fall arrest/rescue and work positioning/man-riding swing jibs are free standing and are designed, tested and rated to 136kg WLL / 6kN. A range of height, reach and rotation configuration options are available.

Please contact the T Allen Engineering Services Ltd engineering office to discuss your requirements.

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