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Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Lifting Equipment

In House Facilities

Site Surveys

During a site survey, T Allen Engineering Services Ltd experienced Engineers, will take time to discuss the exact customer requirements, gaining information from measured and specific questions, in order to establish which solutions would best fit the requirements. They will take measurements of the immediate and local area, assessing how best to gain access and make a safe and efficient installation.

Computer Aided Design Service

Utilising cutting edge 2D & 3D computer aided design and modelling software, T Allen Engineering Services Ltd have the in house capability, to proficiently design the right lifting solution to suit the customer requirements. The design engineers have over 20 years experience in producing effectively designed, bespoke lifting equipment.

Design Calculations

In order to ensure that the safest and most compliant lifting equipment is provided, the calculations are verified by an independent structural engineer.  On request, following receipt of order, calculations can be provided for the lifting equipment to be supplied. T Allen Engineers can advise on foundation substrate and superstructure requirements where necessary.

In House Fabrication

T Allen Engineering Services Ltd have in-house manufacturing facilities, ensuring total control over the product quality and production timescales.  Skilled and highly trained fabricators, using fully traceable materials will manufacture the lifting equipment to high standards.

Compliance Advice

T Allen Engineering Services Ltd are full members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

LEEA are the globally recognised trade body for the lifting equipment industry and with representation in it’s technical committee, T Allen Engineering Services Ltd are ideally situated to offer, up to date technical advice on current statutory regulations, standards and directives affecting the lifting equipment which T Allen Engineering Services Ltd design, manufacture, supply, install, test and examine.

Controlled Lifting

If a customer has a difficult or over-sized load to lift, the experts at T Allen Engineering Services can be consulted to determine the most efficient and safest way to move the load. This includes the completion of a complete Risk Assessment and preparation of a comprehensive Method Statement for the entire process. Our engineers will manage the lifting project, directing the required resources to ensure a safe and successful lift, minimising disruption to the rest of your operation.

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