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Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Lifting Equipment

Site Services

Site Surveys

During a site survey, our experienced Engineers will take time to discuss with the customer their exact requirements; asking measured and specific questions in order to establish which solutions would best fit the requirements. The Engineers will take measurements of the immediate and local area, assessing how best to gain access and make a safe and efficient installation.


Site Installation

T Allen Engineering Services Ltd highly trained and qualified Contracts Engineers will arrange a convenient date for installation, coordinating with site and other contractors as appropriate. Using our in-house transport and off-loading capabilities, will result in a reduction in the requirement for sub-contract transport and handling services.

T Allen Engineering Services Ltd highly experienced, skilled and trained site engineers will install the equipment in a timely, safe and efficient manner, ensuring that the equipment is fully commissioned and examined before first use and that the site is left in a safe and tidy state.  They will liaise with site management, health and safety and other contract personnel on the ground at all stages.

Proof Load Testing & Commissioning

T Allen Engineering Services Ltd has many years of experience in the commissioning of new lifting equipment, of both T Allen supplied products and those manufactured and installed by third parties. After an initial inspection to check the equipment is safe to test, proof load testing can be undertaken and measurement of deflection dimensions before, during and after testing. We will make sure your lifting equipment is fit for purpose and safe for use.


Remedials & Refurbishment

Lifting equipment is often subject to harsh environmental conditions and over time corrosion will begin to take effect. T Allen Engineering Services’ engineering teams can undertake a program of remedial works, refurbishing your lifting equipment, protecting your investment and ensuring your equipment is fit for use as and when needed.


Repairs & Servicing

If your lifting equipment goes out of service or fails an inspection, T Allen Engineering Services Ltd can visit your site to service and repair your assets. If an on-site repair is not possible, our experienced engineers will look at how a temporary alternative solution can be brought into action: Our aim is to get you working again as soon as possible.

From inspection to onsite repair, T Allen Engineering Services Ltd offers a wide range of site services to keep your business running smoothly


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