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Height Safety Davit

The Uni-Lift 500 lightweight aluminium portable fall arrest/height safety davit,  has a 136kg WLL for single person fall arrest applications.

Designed as a two piece assembly, the Uni-Lift 500 is supplied with an industry standard 65mm diameter universal davit mounting pin to suit our standard sockets.

The assembly can also be supplied with non-standard mounting pins to suit customer requirements.

The Uni-Lift 500 davit is designed to be assembled and used with the T Allen Engineering Services Ltd standard davit sockets.


The Uni-Lift 500 has been designed to be used in close proximity to hand-railing, without any need for adaption or extension pieces.

Manufactured in lightweight aluminium, the Uni-Lift 500 davit can be easily transported and erected by a single person. It has no heavy parts or awkward bolts; The two locking and adjustment points on the Uni-Lift 500 contain a sleeved hole for ease of use, allowing the fold-down locking pin to slide in easily.

The Uni-Lift 500 body can be supplied with interchangeable arms to accommodate:

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