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Easylift System

The Easylift system is a 500kg WLL portable lightweight aluminium gantry complete with two trolleys, each dual-rated for load and man-riding as well as two fall arrest anchor points.

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The standard 1600mm length beam is positioned upon a two leg and a three leg arrangement, there are also 2100mm and 2700mm beam lengths.

Each leg is telescopically adjustable in 50mm increments, to a maximum height of 2160mm.

The footprint of the 3 legged section is 1300mm square at minimum leg extension and 1700mm square at maximum leg extension.

Rated to 500kg WLL for load lifting, the Easylift system is also suitable for two person fall arrest.

Alternatively, the system is suitable for single person man-ride/work positioning.

Designed and manufactured in house, it is an aluminium construction with yellow powder coat finish.

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The Easylift system has been designed to lift a pump from a sump in a safe manner and allow the operative to simply slide it to one side for safe inspection.

To ensure safe working, a fall arrest harness can be attached to two different fall arrest points on the frame and also both dual-rated trolleys.

For companies operating within the water and wastewater industries, the Easylift system provides an ideal solution and ensures that the ‘work at height’ regulation when working over an open well or void is being met.

TYPE WLL (kg) Maximum Foot Print (mm) Minimum Beam Height (mm) Maximum Beam Height (mm) No. of Persons Fall Arrest Finish
Beam Length 1600mm 500 1830(W) x 2845(L) 1475 2160 2 Powder Coat
Beam Length 2200mm 500 1830(W) x 3445(L) 1475 2160 1 Powder Coat
Beam Length 2700mm 500 1830(W) x 3945(L) 1475 2160 1 Powder Coat
Beam Length 2900mm 200 1830(W) x 4145(L) 1475 2160 0 Powder Coat
Tripod Only 500 1700 x 1700 1475 2160 1 Powder Coat


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